Svijet iz perspektive pasa i mačaka

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dr. sc. Irena Petak, dipl. ing. biol., stručna suradnica u akciji Čarli - Moj najbolji prijatelj

Kada biste na trenutak mogli biti pas ili mačka, i proživjeti njihov doživljaj svijeta, biste li prihvatili taj izazov?

Ako čovjek i pas ili mačka stoje na istome mjestu, imat će različiti doživljaj onoga što ih okružuje. Naime, osjetila psima i mačkama prikazuju svijet sasvim drugačiji nego nama naša. Zatim oni o tome razmišljaju, osjećaju i donose odluke prema onome što su dobili kao genetsku uputu od svojih predaka ili što su osobno naučili.

What packages do you have and how much are they?

We offer 3 packages: destiny reading, auspicious date selections and a combination package of these two plus a general offsite fengshui assessment.

Please refer to “What we offer “on our website for more information.

How do I make payment?

Please refer to “How it works” on our website for more details. If you need extra assistance, please contact our friendly team.

Do you face to face consultation?

We only provide reports for now.

Is the fee refundable if your service doesn’t suit me?

The fee is not refundable. However, please contact our team so we can learn more what is the shortcoming and we'll see what we can do to assist you further. We recommend all our customers to check the details of our packages carefully before making payment, or to contact us if anything is not clear.

I bought a package. Can I ask few questions on behalf of my family/friends?

The destiny reading is strictly for 1 person.

Can I change my destiny or get rich after using your service?

People have used Fengshui for many years to enhance luck and achieve success. Our living environment has a powerful unseen impact on our lives, health, and wealth. However, no one can completely change our destiny as this depends on other factors such as how hard work we are, how competent we are, and the decisions/ choices we make in life. No one can make you richer accept you. You can get advices on how to bring out the best of you and your living environment to achieve the best possible luck, though.

Do you have special discount for group buy?

Please contact our team for more information.

How long do I need to wait to get my report?

Depends on what package do you choose. It can take from 1 – 7 working days.

What do I do if my report has some bad news?

Please don’t take the report too literally. We commit to provide honest reports within our ability and we never aim to scare anybody and request our customer to use extra services so they can change their bad luck. If there are some unfavorable news, it’s just some reference for you to put in considerations.

Do you have a separate package for Fengshui only?

The common Fengshui package that other masters offer is onsite fengshui. That can be very expensive and often based on how big your property is. We open destiny’s whisper to offer a reasonable price so everyone can afford so providing reports is the best option we have at this time. If you are interested in fengshui you can purchase our combination package. You can get more interesting info about your destiny and lucky dates too.

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